What is it?

The Australian Government have just released a new grant, offering $5 million in grants for local businesses to invest in online and e-commerce capabilities, staff training and professional development. Read more details here.

Who is it for?

Have an Australian Business
Number (ABN)

Small to medium-sized businesses with fewer than 50 full-time staff (for non profits as well) , OR up to 75 staff for hospitality and tourism sectors

Able to demonstrate how the grant will help support your business in response to the impact of COVID-19.

Grants Available

Capital Work Grants

Up To $10,000

Online & E-Commerce

Up To $5,000

Training & Development

Up To $2,000

Where can I spend the grant?

At Social Fox, you can spend your money wisely, and try to turn your $5,000 into $15,000 or more. Our job is to multiply your money with digital marketing and advertising.

Google Ads

Target the low-hanging fruit in your market and boost sales.

Facebook Ads

Intriguing Facebook ads that drive interested traffic to your site.

CRM Setup

Capture the leads, and assign staff to them automatically.

Lead Generation

360 system that automates your success, skyrocketing sales.

Web Design

Our high converting landing pages convert clicks into customers.

SEO Services

Get found on Google and outrank your competition over time.


GIve your brand a voice with that modern look. Don't get left behind.


Automate your staff training and pretty much anything you want.


Direct response copywriting is super rare to find. But we do it.

How do I get chosen?

If you're a Melbourne business, and you hire local providers (like Social Fox), then you'll get first preference for the grant. The government want to encourage you to stimulate the local economy by purchasing within Melbourne.

For a Limited Time Only

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