Affordable SEO vs Cheap SEO

When someone searches ‘affordable SEO services for small business,’ do you know what they’re actually looking for? 

Some immediately think that affordable equals cheap and, while they’re not wrong, they’re not right either.

In fact, ‘cheap’ and ‘affordable’ have different meanings altogether. 

Cheap implies low-quality products or services that may look affordable now but will cost you more in the long run.

On the other hand, affordable means a product or service that has the qualities you need and won’t cost you as much as a more expensive brand would.

When it comes to looking for the right SEO services, the same principles apply. So let’s look at what cheap SEO services look like before we go into affordable SEO services.

Cheap SEO Services

What does a cheap SEO agency look like? 

  1. Little to no results – for the little money you put into that agency, very little quality comes out.
  2. One-size-fits-all solutions and services – what you see is what you get and you better be happy with it.
  3. No follow-through on promises – they’re all just big, empty words to reel you in and make some easy money.
  4. Oversimplify your pain points – they’ll always say they can solve your problems without taking a closer look at what you’re actually facing as a business. 
  5. Shady strategies – and by using questionable practices, they’ll put you in a position where you could get into trouble as you struggle to get more traffic and leads.

So if you hear a sales executive telling you that their company has some great SEO services without showing you positive results within a certain time frame, run for the hills and don’t look back.

Affordable SEO Services

You’ve probably heard of these digital agencies that say they aren’t cheap. And honestly, they aren’t. Because they fulfil their promise to their clients through and through, and they deliver top quality results each and every report. 

Digital agencies that offer affordable SEO services are the teams you want to work with.

But we’re here to give you more reasons to love them – what do they have that others don’t?

  1. A proven SEO process and strategy – it’s been tried, it’s been tested and they know their process is going to work with your business model.
  2. Customised solutions – despite knowing their processes have always worked, affordable SEO agencies also think about your business like it’s theirs and find ways to make their numerous and flexible strategies work with you and for you.
  3. A results-driven, experienced team – we know that there are cheap SEO services with experienced teams but they work on generic SEO strategies that they find on Google. Work with a team that has experienced trials and triumphs and who care about both the process and the end result.
  4. Sustainable relationship – If an SEO agency promises you that they’ll lead you to the first page of search results in two weeks or less, don’t bother wasting your money with them. This is usually a red flag. Instead, work with an affordable SEO agency that you know you can have a long-term relationship with and see the results you both worked hard for together.

Don’t go for generic and cheap when for just a fraction more of the cost, you can drive heaps of extra ROI in the long run.Social Fox knows that cheap is not what businesses deserve. With our experienced team of digital marketing professionals and a process that is both proven yet flexible, you’ll get  the positive result you need. We’re not cheap – we’re worth your time and money. We’re the affordable SEO agency in Melbourne that drives results. Schedule a meeting with us today.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.