How Can Paid Online Advertising Bounce Back After Coronavirus?

In the past few months, an increasing number of digital marketing professionals, specialising in lead generation services, have pulled their advertising budgets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital marketing agencies have also felt the pain of lost revenue as their clients have decided to pause or discontinue their partnerships.

For a while, it looks like this is the end of PPC advertising. As many companies have resorted to keeping their cash in their pockets, for the time being at least, we all wonder how we can cope with this adjustment.

There is a silver lining. As major economies are slowly coming out of their lockdowns and quarantines and businesses are reopening themselves, some are already rethinking about how they can cut through the noise with more conservative budgets and resume their paid online advertising strategies.

Here are two important ways on how paid online advertising can bounce back during and after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Rethink Your Messaging

Many, if not most of your customers, are at home working or studying and many of them are arranging a work-life integration that limits them from going outside unless they need to get their essentials (food, medicine and toiletries) or have a morning or early evening jog around the block. 

Knowing of this reality – and you might be experiencing it yourself – you’ll have to rethink about your messaging. You could try the following:

  • Promote social distancing, contactless payments or proper hygiene procedures in your copy, especially if you have a physical location and are open to walk-in customers.

Google Ad Copy example:

google ads campaign
  • Add the value of family and staying at home during this time and encourage online purchases and contactless deliveries. You may add free features for online orders.

A great Google Ad Copy example. Note the “Free Mask” inclusion, “Free delivery for orders over $30” and “Ready to Cook At Home”. 

google ads copy
  • Include data from the right sources and encourage your customers to take action with the information they’ve learned
    • This Google Ad Copy example uses up to date statistics on recoveries.:
      effective google ads copy

Budget on a Budget

Lead generation marketing services like to think they’ll score high when they have a big budget to spend on ads. While, in the ‘old norm,’ this can be true, working smart on a smaller budget can still reap significant rewards.

  • Pace your campaigns. When you’re adjusting your budgets, you can think of setting up monthly spending limits to make sure you’re not overspending.
  • You can also adjust your ad schedule. If you notice certain days of the week when traffic coming from your ads has increased, you can add more money to those days while slightly decreasing the budget on the other days when clicks and traffic are low, or even exclude them in your schedule altogether.
  • If you notice your campaign is more effective and cheaper on mobile than it is on tablets and computers, then you can add a bit more money on that specific device. This can greatly reduce your cost per lead.

These tips can help you maximise your budgets and give you better results.

Don’t Risk It

It is also important to exclude negative keywords from your ad copy. To some of you, words like ‘coronavirus’, ‘covid’ and ‘pandemic’ may seem tempting to be able to tap into highly searched phrases, but unless you are an eligible entity, Google may actually penalize the use of these phrases, which will become a long term headache you’ll want to avoid. 

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Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.