Landing Page Design Best Practices │ 18 Essential Elements Of A High-Converting Landing Page

A landing page has one important goal and that is to compel your readers to take action.

Follow our Web Design experts‘ advice and make sure to follow these landing page design best practices to gain improved conversion rates for your landing pages, almost immediately.

Are you missing any of these key Landing Page Design Best Practices?

18 elements of landing page design best practices - social fox digital marketing agency.

Cheat Sheet: Landing Page Design Best Practices – 18 Essential Elements to Improving Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Direct Response Copywriting

Anyone can write sentences, that’s easy. Only a professional copywriter can write the right words to guide people as they read until they feel compelled to convert.

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Your buyer’s decision-making process begins when they look at your headline. If they’re not curious after reading the headline, you’re losing customers.

Outstanding Offer

Make an offer they can’t refuse – look at competitors and make yourself a cut above the rest. Make an irresistible offer that makes it impossible for customers to say no. So many other Landing Page Design Best Practices fall by the wayside if you cannot deliver on this.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your business’ selling point – what differentiates you from your competitors, should be emphasized and strong enough to draw attention from people.

Taps Into Psychological Phenomenon

Psychological motivations play a big part in the decision-making aspect of consumer behaviour. Understanding this will help drive more conversions to your landing page.

Pain Points, Fears, Needs & Desires

One of the most crucial parts of a landing page is driving home the pain point of your customers. What you offer must be shown to solve their problem. After all, the reason why they’re there in the first place is to find a solution. 

User Friendly

A landing page should be as straightforward as possible, which means being easy to navigate without unnecessary design clutter that may block the user journey.

Aesthetic Design

A clear layout of your headlines, copy, images, and forms help highlight your offers and create visually-pleasing user experiences that lead toward converting. Remember to trim anything bloated that doesn’t add substance.

In-Depth Customer Research

The absolute worst you can do to drive away prospects is being too broad and generic in making your landing page. You’ll need to identify your target audience and create a landing page that specifically addresses their needs.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

A user journey should be clear to prospects. Having a consistent and clear CTA helps eliminate confusion and directs them to the next appropriate step.

Fast Loading

Fact: Websites that take more than 3 seconds to load are guaranteed to lose visitors. With today’s dwindling attention span, having a fast-loading landing page ensures you retain users.

A/B Testing

The best landing pages are a result of hundreds of hours of experimentation involving small design and copy tweaks like capitalization, wording, and text placement until you get a decent conversion rate.

Secure Site (SSL Certificate)

An absolute killer of conversion rates is not having an SSL certificate on your landing page, which indicates that it’s not a secure webpage. Especially for Chrome users, where Google will warn them of websites they enter that don’t use HTTPS protocol, potentially scaring them away.

Responsive (Loads On Any Device)

Your customers use different devices to access the web, and a good landing page adapts to all of them by making text and images scale from the tiniest of screens, to the biggest desktop monitors.

Social Proof

You can be the best in your business, but without social proof, you won’t have any credibility to win over your audience. Showing social proof like customer testimonials can help establish trust and authority in your industry.

Features And Benefits

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Why should they care about your business? Arguably more important than stating features is emphasizing the benefits. The best b2b landing pages do this time and time again. If you’re an internet service provider capable of producing speeds of up to 50Mbps, people will be more interested to know that they can download their favourite HD movies for viewing within seconds. 

Methods Of Contact

A persuasive landing page includes multiple touchpoints of communication. Your phone number, physical address, email address, and a contact form help establish trust between you and your customer.

Closing Argument

Your closing argument is your last chance to reinforce your benefit and what value your business offers your customer, which should be topped with a very compelling Call to Action.

A beautifully and strategically designed landing page will keep your audience interested even beyond finishing the piece. Keep them delighted with more content by inviting them to sign up for your website or even hire you for your services. 

When you add all these components into your landing page, you will start to see your leads increase and your profits soar.

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Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.