Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Still on the fence about hiring an agency?

Let’s take this example of a past client of ours.

Imagine being the CEO of a company that’s just about to embark on several digital marketing campaigns. You’ve allocated budgets and resources required to recruit and onboard a specialist.

But then as time goes on, you realise that your specialist’s experience is maybe limited in a few areas. Or their bandwidth doesn’t fit absolutely everything needed to run the campaign you have in mind. Nothing to worry about initially. But as the campaigns roll on and grows in scope, your company struggles to keep abreast of all the spinning plates, you can’t find fresh ideas to stay ahead of the competition, it becomes a game of keep up. 

Eventually, that specialist feels bogged down with the endless growing pile of responsibilities. Best case – they underperform and don’t fully deliver on everything you need. Worst case – they decide to resign and seek employment elsewhere. And in both scenarios, you’re at a loss.

This is where the online marketing agency comes in.

Here’s a list why you should take a second look at partnering with one.

1. Get Access to the Skills You Need

When you hire a digital marketing and advertising agency, you’ll have access to a range of specialist experts and not just rely on a generalist. Campaigns take time to plan, test, execute and evaluate. Agencies buckle in for the long run – because your success is our success. So you’ll always have someone to make sense of the numbers, keep abreast of what’s going on and provide you with successful strategies that will drive your business growth.

2. Cut Down Costs

An online marketing agency is a cost-effective solution when you’re trying to cut down costs. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to recruit an in-house and go through the drawn-out learning curve. What’s more is that if you recruit just one specialist, you’ll learn that they can’t do everything. Digital marketing is not a one-man game. It’s common enough for solo in-house marketers to feel burned out and even resign if they feel that they’re being asked to do too much.

On the other hand, with a digital marketing agency, you are working with a team of subject experts who can do the job right the first time – for a monthly retainer fee that contains everything you need in a digital marketing strategy.

3. Focus on Your Business

If you’re doing your own digital marketing, you’re taking your time and focus away from working on your business. As someone running your business – these are your two most valuable resources. While this may be more affordable in the short run, you could lose steam. Our motto – work smarter, not harder. 

That’s why it’s actually beneficial for you if you hire an online marketing agency. They can run your campaigns for you while you get back to focusing on the other essential parts of your business. Simply share your goals and objectives, work alongside them to build a timeframe and watch them work their magic and breath life into your vision.

4. Scale When Needed

Did you know that digital marketing services from an agency like Social Fox are actually scalable?

When you’re ready to grow. Go full throttle and avoid the start-stop stutter. 

Let’s say you’ve got a campaign in the works and you think you need a few good people in-house to build it out for you. But then after launch, the workload has doubled or tripled and in order for the campaign to truly succeed, you need to hire fresh blood. Cue the comparatively slow process of seeking, hiring  and upskilling your in house staff members.

Switch to working with an agency – when you’re ready to double down on a successful campaign, they’ll have the man power and scalable systems to really make it take flight and squeeze every last drop out of it.

Similarly, once the campaign has been a smashing success, you can avoid lengthy overheads of keeping in-house members on your payroll.

Most agencies have several plans that best suit your company’s needs especially when you’re in growth mode. Sit down with the Head of Growth of your agency and talk about your problems and needs. They’ll be able to provide you with a comprehensive plan options.

5. Acquire New Ideas and Perspectives

Digital marketing agencies worth their salt usually have a team of people that have a wide variety of knowledge in different niches and specialisations. Compared to an in-house digital marketer, you’ll get more ideas. Because they’ll have industry specific experience of working with others within your industry, you’ll get access to the knowledge you need to mould your campaigns into quick successes.

With the right digital marketing and advertising agency, the growth of your company is secured.

Social Fox is the digital marketing agency that helps you find, win and convert leads. And this is only scratching the surface. Our digital marketing experts can help ace any of your business goals. Visit our website to learn more about us.. Visit our website to learn more.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.

Luke Stocker

Luke Stocker

I work with businesses to automate their sales and marketing.