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TARGET & CONVERT YOUR DREAM BUYERS – Google Adwords work and they work FAST. But done wrong, it can get really expensive, really fast. That’s why a laser-focused campaign that delivers conversions, not just clicks, is essential.

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Laser-focused campaigns that deliver conversions, not just clicks.

Imagine being able to suddenly capture a larger share of your market overnight?

It’s almost too hard to believe that you can grow your sales overnight. Imagine reaching out your hand, and grabbing buyers before your competitors do. You can literally target people in active buying mode and see a massive spike in sales. Done right, the power of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can revolutionise nearly any business.

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Marketing shouldn’t be a gamble.

Google Ads is a powerful double-edged sword and it cuts both ways. When every click has a price tag, optimising how many clicks convert into real customers is vital to your success. Our Adwords services take a results-driven approach, focusing on exact numbers and what propels your business.

Get your fine-tuned profit growth machine today.

Been burned before?

Google Ads doesn't work for us.

Maybe you’ve run ads in the past or hired an amateur agency by accident? The end – burned cash for bugger-all results. But the hard fact is, you’ve got to get results. Either you’re a sole trader or you’re reporting to the board – the end game is the same. Clients are the lifeblood of your business. Our sole focus is digital strategies that translate into real revenue for you.

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Our PPC Marketing Services

Maximise ROI and leverage the ideal platform for your business.

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Google Adwords

Make Google work harder and smarter for you. Stop wasting money on non-converting clicks and get more sales.

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Gently remind your site visitors of your hot offer to stay front of mind through hyper-targeted remarketing . “Lost Leads’ can now be a thing of the past.

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Local Search Ads

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. People are searching for your services on Google Maps - make sure you show up first.

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Google Shopping Network

Visually Showcase your products to thousands of motivated customers who are ready to spend.

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Bing Ads

Do you have a contingency plan with the current digital climate? With it’s far cheaper cost per click - Bing offers a rewarding alternative.

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Let Us Deliver Results, Not Excuses

We’ve made our pricing as budget-conscious as we can, while not skimping out on quality.

STEP 1: Ad Campaign Set Up – From $495

Inclusions: A Custom Laser-Focused Strategy, Google Ad Account & Campaign Build, Conversion / Goal Tracking Setup, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Setup, Most Profitable Keyword Research Conducted, Persuasive Ads that drive Clicks & Conversions

STEP 2: Monthly Management – From $695

Gold Plan

Get Customers On A Budget
  • We Manage Up To $2000 Of Your Budget For You
  • Up To 3x High-Converting Campaigns​
  • Use Our Skilled Executive Copywriters + 10x Direct Response Ads
  • Up To 10x Ad Groups
  • Weekly Account Health Checks & Campaign Optimisations
  • Google Analytics & Conversion Mapping
  • Display Network Ads (If Relevant To Your Market)

Platinum Plan

Our most popular plan to date
  • We Manage Up To $10,000 Of Your Budget For You
  • Upgrade Up To 5x High-Converting Campaigns
  • Upgrade To A Specialist Direct Response Copywriter + 20 x Direct Response Ads
  • Upgrade Up To 15x Ad Groups ​
  • Thrice A Week Account Health Checks & Campaign Optimisations
  • Upgrade To Include Optimised Google Retargeting Ads
  • Upgrade To Include Google’s Shopping Network Ads & Bing Ads
Most Popular

The Big Leagues

How Far Do You Want To Go?
  • We Manage Your Budget For A Competitive % Fee
  • Upgrade Up To 10x High-Converting Campaigns
  • Upgrade To Include Multiple Monthly Ad Copy Updates
  • Upgrade Up To 30+ Ad Groups ​
  • Daily Ad Spend Monitoring, Health Checks & Optimisations
  • Display Ads On Steroids
  • Retargeting Campaigns On Steroids
  • Pervasive Google’s Shopping Network Ads & Bing Ads

Client Case Studies

Hover your mouse (or tap on mobile) over the cards below to see the results for yourself.​

NDIS Provider

Included Web Design, PPC & SEO Campaigns, CRM Management and LMS creation.
500% Total Revenue from $3m to $15m

170% Increase in Organic SEO Traffic

681% Increase on Search Ads CR
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Law Firm

Included Web Design, PPC & SEO Campaigns, CRM Management and LMS creation.
80x Increase in ROI In First Month!

140+ New Weekly Connections

2-4 New Monthly Referral Partners
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Migration Law

Included Web Design, PPC & SEO Campaigns, CRM Management and LMS creation.
169% Increase Google Ads Conversions

28% Increase Site-Wide Conversions

62% Decrease in Cost Per Conversions
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Local Business

Included Web Design, PPC & SEO Campaigns, CRM Management and LMS creation.
7 Places Rank Increase To Top Ten

153% Increase in Phone Calls

412% Increase on Google Search
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Since partnering with Social Fox, the results have been nothing short of amazing. Unlike other agencies we've tried, they actually deliver qualified leads, all month round.
Daniel Lamanna
Director, Stockdale & Leggo
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One Team For All Your Marketing.

Social Fox specialise in web design, Google & Facebook ad campaigns, CRM management, revenue growth, and online marketing. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, we’ll help make your business more money.

BUT, we only work with businesses we think we can help.​

We’re not your typical blood-sucking agency. We only work with clients who we think we can genuinely help. So in order to do so, we’ll hop on a call with you and see if we’re a good fit.

Based on what you tell us, we’ll see if we can help, and create a custom report for your business. All our advice is based on what we’d do for your business, as though we owned it ourselves.

“We’ve been working with Social Fox for the last year, initially with Web Design and now Software Development and Marketing. I can account a large increase in participant referrals based on their advice and tailored online campaigns. I am more than happy to recommend the team at Social Fox to assist others with webpages, systems development and online marketing.”
Nick Thomas
CEO, OnTrack Tasmania
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Questions we get asked a lot

In 99% of cases we see, the sole cause of this is a weak offer, poor layout design, and bad copywriting. It’s as simple as that. We are emotional creatures. So direct response copywriting, mixed with sales psychology is the ONLY way to convince people to buy your product or service. This can take years to learn, so that’s why people hire us.

Unlike some suspect agencies out there – we provide you your own Google Ads account, Google Analytics account as well as a custom reporting dashboard to see exactly where you’re spending your money and what is driving results. This keeps us accountable as well as keeping you happy.

Great question! Simply put, Google Ads provide an immediate result, whereas SEO is a long term (but greater payoff) investment. With Google Ads, you can target many keywords or interests at the same time while in order to succeed with SEO you need to focus on a few keywords.​

You shouldn’t pay any more than you have to. In the Google marketplace, you’re naturally bidding for the top 1-5 spots (this number changes on the market, the search term and it’s overall competitiveness). Based on your industry, you could be paying $1 per click to $50 per click. It really depends how competitive your niche, location and the target keyword are on Google. Most times, local businesses can pay around $1-5 per click.​

Anyone can find a million keywords for your ads. But if none of them lead to conversions, then it’s pointless. The right PPC partner for you should provide an extensive list of keywords as standard. But you’re looking for more than just that. In our research we’ll include broad & exact match, negative keywords, as well as short and long-tail keywords. This improves your odds of being there when your customers are searching.

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads have their strengths but they work quite differently. Google Ads takes the edge over Facebook Ads in terms of seeing immediate results whereas Facebook can nurture multiple stages of the sales funnel towards a conversion. The difference lies in how their platforms are used – Google users are actively looking for information, a product or a service, whereas those on Facebook are scrolling a social media feed and you are attempting to interrupt their activity with your brand.

Impression share is the percentage of impressions that your ads receive compared to the total number of impressions that your ads could get. It means how much of the time your ad shows when someone searches for your targeted keywords. 95% impression share is considered good for branded keywords (i.e. your brand name) and in case of non-branded keywords 80% should be your goal. But if you are limited by budget or in a competitive industry, you can see that percentage drop well below 60%.

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