Don't wait for customers...

It's ridiculous how much this works!

It’s almost too hard to believe that you can grow your sales overnight. Imagine reaching out your hand, and grabbing buyers before your competitors do. It sounds too good to be true, or expensive, but it’s not. Use pay-per-click (PPC) Google Ads to dominate your market, and effortlessly boost sales now!

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We'll find you 5 profitable keywords now!

Unsure what keywords to spend your money on, and how profitable they’ll be? We’ll tell you, and we’ll do this completely free of charge.

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Been burned before?

"Google Ads doesn't work for me."

Have you run ads for yourself in the past? Or maybe you hired an amateur agency by accident? In both cases, there was a lack of know-how and you burned cash for bugger-all results. But, finding the right digital marketing agency is like finding your favourite place to eat. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find that rare chef that has godlike talent in the kitchen. That’s us, but with Google Ads. Open the floodgates of traffic with our conversion-based agency.

No-brainer pricing that's budget-friendly.

We understand that local businesses have small cashflows on hand. We’ve made our pricing as budget-conscious as we can, while not skimping out on quality.

$295 Setup Fee

Inclusions: Google Ad Account Setup. Conversion / Goal Tracking Setup. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Setup. Highest Returning Keyword Research Conducted. All Ads are written to Industry Best Practice Standard.


$ 495
  • We manage up to $500 of your budget for you.
  • 1x Campaign Made To Laser-Target The Most Lucrative Low-Hanging Fruit Buyers In Your Market​
  • Up To 5 x Junior Direct Response Ads, Split-Tested To Tirelessly Find A Beast Of A Formula That Sells Like Crazy​
  • Up To 5x Ad Groups Designed To Penetrate Your Industry, And Calibrate For The Best Keywords In Your Niche​
  • 1x Customised And Ultra-Specific Report That'll Show You Exactly How Profitable Your PPC Ads Are​
  • Ad Extensions That'll Look So Good, Your Competitor's Will Look Like They Don't Know How To Market Themselves.​


$ 950
  • We Manage Up To $2000 Of Your Budget For You.​
  • Upgrade Up To 3x High-Converting Campaigns​
  • Upgrade To Senior Direct Response Copywriter +
    10 x Direct Response Ads​
  • Upgrade Up To 10x Ad Groups That'll Scour Your Market Even Further​
  • Upgrade To Include Display Network Ads To Make People Think "Wait, That Brand Looks Familiar...", Every Single Time!​
  • Upgrade To Include Customised Display Network Professionally Designed Graphical Banner Ads​
  • Google Analytics & Conversion Mapping To Track Down And Stalk Your Buyers Long After They've Clicked On Your Ads​


$ 1497
  • We Manage Up To $5000 Of Your Budget For You.​
  • Upgrade Up To 5x High-Converting Campaigns​
  • Upgrade To Executive Specialist Direct Response Copywriter +
    20 x Direct Response Advertisements​
  • Upgrade Up To 15x Ad Groups That'll Hyper-Target & Drill-Down Your Market Even Further​

Don’t just take our word for it

Here are just some of the businesses who take their marketing seriously.

Questions we get asked a lot

I'm getting lots of clicks, but no one is buying anything?

In 99% of cases we see, the sole cause of this is a weak offer, poor layout design, and bad copywriting. It's as simple as that. We are emotional creatures. So direct response copywriting, mixed with sales psychology is the ONLY way to convince people to buy your product or service. This can take years to learn, so that's why people hire us.

What's the difference between Google Ads & SEO?

Great question! Imagine listing your house online, on a site like Gumtree or Craigslist. SEO is like having a listing, but not paying for a premium spot on the top that stands out. So people searching for a home will see the premium listing (Google Ads) first before the unpaid listing (SEO). Google Ads is like catapulting your business to the top.

How much should I be paying per click? I don't want to get ripped off.

You shouldn't pay any more than you have to. In the Google marketplace, you're naturally competing (bidding) for top spot. Depending on your industry, you could be paying $4 per click to $50 per click. It really depends how competitive your local area is on Google. Most times, local businesses pay around $6 per click.

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Social Fox specialise in PPC Google Ads campaigns that generate revenue for your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumber, lawyer, dentist, hairdresser, or any other industry, we’ll blow your competition out of the water with no nonsense digital marketing.