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Buy 40-400 Leads Every Single Month. We target the Low-Hanging fruit in your market, driving them to a High-Converting landing page with Google-PPC, Facebook and Social Campaigns.

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So WTF is all this “PPC” and “CPC” mumbo- jumbo

We’re glad you asked! Simply put, it means Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

What does that mean?

In the old age, business owners paid for billboards, commercials and newspaper ads – but they didn’t know exactly how many people became clients after seeing the ad.

Crazy right?

Gone are the days where you buy an ad blindly, and get unknown returns on your investment. You should know how much money you put in, and get back in return.

We make it simple. Put money in, get money out. Create effective ads. Track leads. Know your ROI.

We go to where your customers are

No matter the platform, we dive into your market and find your ideal clients, and also those who aren’t ready to buy yet. We drill-down into their preferred platforms, most active times, and the lingo they use to speak directly to them.

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Create tailored ads that drive traffic

Once we figure out your audience, and their types (ready to buy/not ready to buy but interested), we then create tailored advertisements that help them on their journey to discover your product or service in a non-salesy way.

Your sales machine does the rest!

Once we’ve nailed your specific audiences, your indestructible sales machine will do the rest. Experience the power of a world-class system that generates leads the right way – making your brand an industry leader.

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